Secure Your Communications with End-to-End Encryption on Secured Note

Secured Note is the ultimate solution for sending confidential messages that stay protected. With end-to-end encryption and self-destructing links, you can be sure that your notes and messages are kept private and won't be accessible online forever.

Create new Secured Note

Write the message below, encrypt it and get a link

How it works


Write the message

Write the message in the above text area to create a private and encrypted message. The system will return a sharable link to you.


Share the link

Share the link to whom you want to read the message. Simply you can send an Email,Whatsapp or instant message to the recipient.


It will self-destruct

The message will self-destruct after it has been viewed by the receiver. There is no way to get it back because we are deleting it permanently so even to the very same person.

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